SIP-based IP-PBX, Low Cost IP-PBX Appliance & Asterisk Consulting Services

Linksoft Technologies Ltd. provides consulting, customized software development and/or system integration service to assist clients in building small to large-scale IVR, switching systems, unified messaging, pre-paid / post-paid calling card platform, conferencing, fax-on-demand, VoIP gateway and gatekeeper, IP-PBX, and other telecom applications.

We provide the following services to our clients:
  • provide consulting, installation, configuration, and support services for Asterisk and various Asterisk-derived software such as Elastix, FreePBX, AsteriskNow, and A2Billing.
  • develop complete customized applications based on client's business requirements.
  • develop software component of an application based on client's specifications.
  • provide system installation, configuration, and support services for certain third-party telecom products.
  • provide system integration service to suit the need of client's communication needs.

We have a strong background in developing applications that require the integration between the voice and data communication network. We also have a lot of experience deploying customized telecom software using resources from the open-source community such as Asterisk IP-PBX and Open H.323. Our engineers have experience in all size of projects. Whether it be low-end, four-port analog IVR applications or high-end, multiple-chasis, multiple T1/E1 spans unified communication servers, we can devise the most cost-effective solution based on your functional and budgetary requirements.

Some sample applications include:
  • a customized prepaid/postpaid calling card system based on the open-source A2Billing platform
  • a infotainment system with radio channels, chat rooms, and various interactive games and entertainment channels via the telephone based on the Asterisk platform
  • an Asterisk-based, van-location IVR system with web-based administration interface that allows van drivers to report their current location/status and to query their position in the dispatch queue. It also allows the operators to dispatch customer shipment requests to van drivers.
  • an Asterisk-based ordering IVR system used by a bottled-water manufacturer to enable retailers or institutions to place orders and obtain immediate confirmation information on delivery schedule via the telephone.
  • an Asterisk-based e-learning system with web-based interface for administrator, teachers and students to upload/download/access the class schedules and materials (including handouts, quizzes, and audio exercises).
  • multi-site Elastix based IP-PBX systems with standby for a multi-national financial company
  • an enhanced Asterisk voicemail module with scheduled delivery, urgent/private message, message read receipt, personal group option, and others.
  • an H.323 Gatekeeper with address translation, dialed digit translation, endpoint grouping, and call details records (CDR) generation capabilities using for a VoIP service provider
  • a multi-line appearance H.323-based soft-phone
  • a pre-paid / post-paid calling card application with multiple languages and flexible billing using NMS AG4000-Quad T1 boards for an enhanced telecom service provider
  • an IVR pension administration system that allows members to enquire/update their balance or porfolio instructions using the telephone for a multinational financial institution
  • a polling and survey application with voice/fax broadcast capabilities using NMS AG2000 voice boards for a labor union

For a proposal on your project, send a message to We would be glad to work with you to prepare either a fixed-cost or a cost-plus bid.

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