SoLink IP-PBX Appliance

SoLink IP-PBX Appliance is a low-power, high-performance, embedded IP-PBX solution, supporting up to 16 analog FXO/FXS telephone ports or 2 T1/E1 ISDN PRI ports. It is built upon a compact, rack-mountable 1U server hardware with redundant hard disks, quality voice cards with optional hardware echo-cancellers, together with the full-featured, mulit-tenant enabled SoLink IP-PBX software. This makes it ideal for SMB (small and business business) or branch office users.

SoLink IP-PBX Appliance provides you with a business-class IP-PBX system with advanced features such as multi-tenant support, voicemail-to-email, fax-to-email, automatic call distribution (ACD) with skills-based routing, call recording, conference bridge and peer IP-PBX support, that are only available to high-end PBX. Please refer to our feature list for details.

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SoLink IP-PBX Appliance offers the following benefits to the small and medium business:

  • offer a compact, low-power, high-performance IP-PBX solution for small and medium business, SOHO, and branch office uses.
  • support up to 300 extensions, 180 concurrent calls using G.711 codec, 80 concurrent calls with G.729 codec transcoding
  • provide industry-leading 30-month limited warranty
  • offer advance features such as such as multi-tenant support, voicemail-to-email, fax-to-email, ACD with skills-based-routing scheme, IVRS, conference bridge, call recording and peer IP-PBX support that are only available to high-end PBX but at a lower cost.
  • based on standard-based technologies (i.e. SIP, G.711, etc) and open-source platforms (ie. Linux, Asterisk, postgreSQL database, etc). This means no more lock-in to a single vendor.
  • free intra-network calling among geographically dispersed offices (eliminate long-distance charge)
  • single network infrastructure for both voice and data communication, thus resulting in cost savings in installation, configuration, and management
  • enable mobile workforce and remote staff to connect to the PBX seamlessly as if they are in the office
  • easier to expand (no hardware upgrade required for adding extensions)

To download or view the our product brochure (in pdf format), please click here.

3-month Free-Trial Program

To sign up for a 3-month Free-Trial Account, please click here. Each virtual PBX account consists of 5 user extensions, 1 meetme conference room, complimentary incoming call to individual user extensions via our automated attendant, US $3 credit for making outgoing calls to global destinations, and web-based administration access to the virtual PBX account. Other PABX features may be available upon request. Please click here for details.

Linksoft also offers low-cost, high performance IP Phones from various manufacturers. These phones are certified to be compatible with our SoLink™ IP-PBX offerings.

We also provide customized development and consulting service on the Asterisk platform. Please refer to our service page for details.

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