SoLink IP-PBX 3-month Free-Trial

Each virtual PBX account consists of the following:
  • 5 user extensions (choice of English, Cantonese, or Mandarin language)
  • 1 meetme conference room with web-based control panel and optional call recording
  • free incoming call via Skype and telephone (with Hong Kong and Toronto access numbers) to individual user extensions via our automated attendant
  • US $3 credit for making outgoing calls to global destinations (about 270 minutes to Toronto, 150 minutes to New York, 200 minutes to London, 120 minutes to Beijing, 180 minutes to Hong Kong mobile, 75 minutes to Hong Kong landline)
  • web-based administration access to the virtual PBX account
  • web-based user panel for checking voicemail, configure mailbox (e.g. voicemail-to-email) and user (e.g. call forward) options, review call logs, and more.
  • Windows-based IP-PBX Client Console software for incoming call notification or other CRM-integrated screen pop applications

  • Other PABX features may be available upon request.

    For detailed information about our SoLink IP-PBX product, click here.

    To try out our SoLink IP-PBX software, follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Sign up for a 3-month Free-Trial Account

    Step 2: Download the User Guide for the SoLink IP-PBX Demo System

    You may use the Web Phone provided by our web interface (no installation and configuration required). Simply logon with your extension and password from our Web Interface and select the Web Phone option to start making and receiving calls.

    Step 3 (Optional): Set up the SIP-based Phones or Softphones for Extension Access

    If you prefer, you may also use any SIP compliant devices such as IP phone, softphone, VoIP gateway, and ATA (analog telephone adapter) for extension access. Simply configure the device with the SIP Server IP, username, and password as provided, as well as other network configuration parameters, and the device should be ready for use.

    For testing purpose, we recommend downloading the free X-Lite softphone from CounterPath. If you prefer to purchase IP Phones instead, we also offers low-cost, high-performance IP phones from various manufacturers. These phones are certified to be compatible with our SoLink™ IP-PBX offerings.

    For a brief instruction for downloading, installing and configuring X-Lite, please click here.

    Step 4 (Optional): Set up the IP-PBX Client Console for incoming call notication

    If you would like to enable incoming call notification (or screen pop integrated with your CRM application) on your Windows workstation, you may download and install our IP-PBX Client Console at your workstation.

    Click here to download the IP-PBX Client Console for your Windows workstation.

    Click here to download the user guide.

    Step 5 (Optional): Set up your own VoIP Service Provider

    If you prefer to get your own telephone number(s) and VoIP service, you may subscribe to one of the following service providers and we will configure your virtual PBX account accordingly.

    InPhonex - offer both international phone numbers and various VoIP calling plans

    Free Calls to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and more !!

    Local Hong Kong Phone Number available !!
    Order Lingo